Evil League of Evil's Minecraft Server

It's a minecraft server for the Evil League of Evil, okay?

Project maintained by EvilLeagueOfEvil Hosted on GitHub Pages — Theme by mattgraham

Evil League of Evil Minecraft Server


Name Skin
DandalfTheNull Wongidool skin
KingRedEagle KingRedEagle skin
cojoco cojoco skin
FlailingCamper FlailingCamper skin
gingerbutch gingerbutch skin
GameNDave GameNDave skin
bluevulpine1 bluevulpine1 skin
ChickenNuuuuget ChickenNuuuuget skin
Andy_A Andy_A skin
MegabyteMango MegabyteMango skin
AlphaCluster AlphaCluster skin
SilverWolf3015 SilverWolf3015 skin
Miniac3913 SilverWolf3015 skin
Papa_Toobs SilverWolf3015 skin


Handy Coordinates

Area Description X Z
Server Spawn ———– 246 210
Nether Spawn Nether 42 27
Stronghold Portal Nether 214 -103


Who has what

| Contact | Resource | Location | Notes | | ——- | ——– | ——– | —– |


Wanted List

| Item wanted | Seeker | Notes | | ———– | —— | —– |


Mods/Tweaks Installed

Most of these are from Vanilla Tweaks

Mod Name Description Link
AFK Display Greys out a player’s name that is not moving for 5 minutes Link
Confetti Creepers There is a chance each creeper will explode into confetti and do no dame to blocks  
Coordinates HUD Adds information to your actionbar. XYZ Coords and a 24hr clock Link
Double Shulker Shells Makes all shulkers drop 2 shells Link
Fast Leaf Decay Leaves decay much faster when trees are mined in survival mode  
More Mob Heads Adds a chance to receive a mob head upon killing it Link
Multiplayer Sleep Adds the ability for one player to sleep and skip the night in a multiplayer world Link
Player Head Drops A player will drop their head when killed by anotherplayer Link
Redstone Rotation Wrench Adds a custom wrench in-game that allows you to rotate redstone components when right-clicking Link
Track Raw Statistics Adds 100+ scoreboards that track many different statistics Link
Track Statistics Adds statistics that are processed before-hand Link
Unlock All Recipes Automatically unlock all recipes as soon as you start playing  
Villager Death Messages Notifies the server in chat when a villager is killed Not Zelda
It’s not required at all, but if you want to kick a few bucks to the cost of the server, there is a donation page at server pro.